Protect your organization with our cyberthreat monitoring services.
Benefit from the perfect synergy: our AI-based cyberthreat detection tool, driven by our team of seasoned experts, always on alert for threats.
Victim of a cyber attack?
Whether it's a ransomware attack, an intrusion, a malware infection or a data leak, our team of experts is ready to intervene immediately.
If you have any doubts about a possible cyber attack, we can scan your networks to verify. Contact us for more information.
Need CMMC certification?
StreamScan is one of the few Canadian organizations authorized as an RPO (Registered Provider Organisation) to guide companies through the CMMC process.
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Your partner in cybersecurity

StreamScan is your partner in cybersecurity, offering a complete range of solutions and services to monitor and protect your network.

Our team of experts is dedicated to preventing and reacting quickly to cyber-attacks, thus minimizing risks and potential losses. Thanks to our proactive approach, we implement advanced monitoring measures, detect threats in real time and intervene effectively to neutralize attacks.

Trust StreamScan for reliable, responsive, and comprehensive cybersecurity!

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Our main services



Managed detection and response

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • Intelligent alert prioritization
  • Proactive detection of new threats
  • Expert team support for real-time rectification
  • Bilingual service
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Cyber incident response services

  • 24/7 response
  • Incident eradication and recovery
  • Analysis and collection of evidence when required
  • Negotiation with hackers if necessary
  • Support for optimal crisis management
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Support for CMMC conformity

  • Full and comprehensive support
  • Analysis, planning and implementation services
  • Accelerated compliance
  • Support by authorized RPO
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Our R&D center

Our R&D center fosters constant innovation to better protect companies against current and future threats.

Quebec-based SOC and 24/7 response

Our team of bilingual, multi-skilled experts is located in Montreal, Quebec, ready to respond quickly and thoroughly.

360-degree network visibility

StreamScan solutions integrate easily with existing IT systems thanks to their APIs, offering 100% network visibility.

Government recognition

StreamScan and its innovative CDS technology are officially recognized by the Canadian government.

Defense expertise

StreamScan has extensive experience in collaborating with highly sensitive organizations, including Canadian National Defense and the aerospace sector.


StreamScan is one of the few Canadian organizations authorized as an RPO (Registered Provider Organisation) to guide companies through the CMMC compliance process.

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What our customers say

StreamScan Textimonials
  • “After we got hacked, we needed upgraded cybersecurity and found StreamScan. They’ve been monitoring our network ever since - detecting over 23k security events monthly and intervening on 10%+ of those cases. The result has been zero incidents since we started with StreamScan.”

    Pierre Forest, IT Director


  • “StreamScan helped us get ready with our CMMC certification. Their team members are professionals and always here to help. The knowledge that StreamScan brings covers all aspects of cybersecurity a company needs. Their valuable recommendations allowed us to have a more robust and holistic security posture, as well as determine the milestones one can face in protecting the environment from cyber risks. The services offered and the StreamScan resources are truly an extension of your team and utilize their knowledge to assist you with your cyber-hygiene to be ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.”

    Jonathan Bieber, IT Director

    Maya HTT

  • "StreamScan are the Cyber Security Pros. Their expertise, service, and responsiveness are helping us keep our network secure."

    Christian Raymond, IT Manager


  • "We were experiencing severe degradation of network performance, so much so, it was preventing employees from working. We suspected a cyber-attack and reached out to StreamScan. Within two hours their incident response team was on site. They discovered we weren’t under attack but instead had patch problems on a device in the network. Their help got us back up and running in minimum time."

    Benoit Renaud, Head of Cybersecurity


  • “As an MDR client of StreamScan, we have also chosen to adopt their EDR solution, a decision motivated by its seamless integration with their network monitoring service and intrusion detection technology (CDS). Entrusting the management of our network and Endpoint surveillance to the same bilingual and local team presents a significant advantage in centralizing our monitoring efforts. This not only offers financial benefits but also enhances our protection efficiency. It provides them with a 360-degree view of our network and Endpoints. Moreover, the efficiency of their EDR solution is remarkable. What distinguishes this team, particularly, is their rapid responsiveness, professionalism, and profound expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Their commitment to safeguarding our infrastructure is undeniable, and we are extremely satisfied with our ongoing collaboration.”

    Eric Lambert, Manager of IT infrastructure and procurement

    GMP Energy

  • “We are delighted to share our positive experience with StreamScan, with whom we have been a customer for two years, utilising their MDR and CDS solutions. The team stands out for its unfailing availability and proven efficiency. Their regular checkpoints enable us to remain proactive in the face of emerging threats, while their ability to filter out false positives saves us valuable time to focus on real security challenges. StreamScan also provides us with expert guidance in the field of cybersecurity, providing us with relevant strategic recommendations and an in-depth understanding of current security issues.”

    Jérémy Merlin, Team Lead, IT Department


  • “Having worked closely with the StreamScan team over the past year to put in place the requirements for CMMC certification, I can attest to the professionalism, expertise and service excellence that StreamScan provides to its customers. The StreamScan team stands out for its comprehensive service offering, from technical advice with its MDR to expertise in the event of a cyber-attack, and tools such as CDS and EDR. StreamScan is committed to protecting its customers from ever-changing cyber threats.

    I highly recommend StreamScan to any organization looking for reliable and innovative cybersecurity solutions. Their technical expertise, commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service make them a trusted partner for protecting the most valuable digital assets.”

    Ghislain Gamache, IT Manager


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