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StreamScan is the only company in the cybersecurity space today focused on bringing affordable, enterprise-level Managed Detection & Response services to medium-sized organizations.

Security for All

Founded in 2011, Montreal-based StreamScan is the brainchild of founder and leading Cyber Security researcher Karim Ganame. Karim’s vision was that there had to be an approach to cybersecurity that could make enterprise-level protection available to all sizes of organizations. StreamScan’s team of AI-specialists, cybersecurity researchers, and white hat hackers developed the CDS network monitoring platform as an answer to this challenge.

Over the first few years, the StreamScan team realized that most medium-sized organizations simply did not have the security team to manage and operate the system. To respond to this need, StreamScan launched its Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution. The MDR provides enterprise-level security technology supported by a dedicated team of on-call security experts. And all at a fraction of the cost of running an in-house program or outsourcing to a typical MSSP.

StreamScan now has clients across a wide range of industries with particular focus on manufacturing, healthcare, and pharma. In 2019, StreamScan CDS technology was also selected by the Canadian government as a pre-approved security platform for all government departments and partners.

Key Players

Here are a few of the key players whose experience, expertise, and enthusiasm are helping StreamScan become the leader in MDR for medium-sized business.

Karim Ganame, Founder / President

With more than 17 years experience in the cybersecurity game, Karim is an experienced Cyber Security & AI researcher who holds a PhD. in cybersecurity and teaches at U of M’s École Polytechnique. After stints with Rona and Bell, Karim founded StreamScan to start building his unique perspectives and approaches into the kind of cybersecurity protection he saw companies needed.

Over the past decade, Karim has provided the vision (and often the code) to develop StreamScan’s unique AI-powered CDS network monitoring technology and to help build StreamScan’s Managed Detection & Response service.

Karim is an acknowledged thought leader and sought after speaker and commentator on all things cybersecurity in Quebec.

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Frederik Blais, Chief Growth Officer

Fred brings his years of experience in business development, sales and marketing programs for tech companies to the StreamScan team. Think of him as StreamScan’s Growth Hacker in Chief. Fred heads up business development and marketing for us - developing strategies that help our customers navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. He finds solutions to their specific needs the map to their business reality.

Fred’s business development and sales background mean that he is always looking for innovative ways we can serve our market better.

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Karina Jaramillo, Marketing Coordinator

Karina Jaramillo is StreamScan’s marketing coordinator, overseeing content creation, planning marketing events and activities, and managing all our communications channels. Karina’s ability to multi-task, her eye for detail, and her design-savvy have helped her to quickly become a key member of the team.

Karina’s background in community management and marketing communications and her training as a graphic designer mean that she is our marketing swiss-army knife - ready and able to take on any challenge.

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Alioune Sow, Director of Sales and Business Development

Alioune is a born salesperson. Dynamic, engaging and people-oriented - he brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in business development to the team. He is also an expert at leveraging today’s digital communication channels to build stronger customer relationships.

Alioune’s focus is on helping customers find the best possible technology to face modern cybersecurity challenges. He is always looking to build long-term, partnership-oriented relationships.

Alioune Sow is a graduate of Montreal’s École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Business Administration with a major in Information Technology. He’s also a sports and martial arts enthusiast.

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Oussama Boudar, Cybersecurity Specialist

Oussama is a veteran cybersecurity researcher and consultant with a proven track record in the IT and services industry. He has extensive expertise in pen testing and in-depth insight into hacker behaviors and techniques. He also acts as an expert in our incident response team, and he lends a hand as a crack malware reverser. Oussama also teaches courses on intrusion testing at the École Supérieur de Technologie (ÉTS).

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Pierre Chamberland, Advisor

Pierre is a serial tech entrepreneur with a successful company, NetGovern acquired by Ipro in Jul 2020 and a growth coach with 20+ years’ experience. Pierre Chamberland joins Ipro as the company’s new chief innovation officer. He advises Streamscan on business development and management.

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Jean-Marc Rousseau, Advisor

Jean-Marc Rousseau earned a PhD in operations research from MIT in 1973. He went on to hold a professorial appointment in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at Université de Montréal (1973–1992) and served as the director of the Centre de recherche sur les transports, which became the CIRRELT (1979–1987). He is the co-founder of GIRO inc. (1979) and was the chief executive officer of CIRANO (2002–2005). In 2011, he joined Anges Québec as an advisor to start-ups. He also sits on several boards of directors and advisory committees. He is the author of over 80 scientific publications and has received 13 awards and honours in his career. Jean-Marc is Director of Technology Transfer at IVADO.

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