2 strategies to reduce your CMMC compliance costs

When you start your CMMC certification project, it's very important to clearly identify the scope of the project, the systems and users included, and those that need to be out of scope. If you don't, all your IT systems and users will be included in the CMMC scope, which will greatly increase your costs.

Here are two (2) strategies to reduce your CMMC compliance costs.

Strategy 1: Set up a CMMC enclave

Once you've defined the scope of your CMMC project (the systems and users included, the flows of CUI, the security tools in place to protect your CUI, etc.), you have the option of isolating this environment from the rest of your network. Isolation can be physical or virtual.

Ultimately, you create a bubble (also known as a CMMC enclave) whose access is restricted only to systems and users who need access to CUIs. No user or system outside the enclave can access CUI.

There are several ways to set up a CMMC enclave, including:

  • Setting up an internal enclave on your network
  • Subscribing to a CMMC enclave provider
  • Etc.

During your CMMC certification audit, the auditor will audit only this CMMC enclave.


Strategy 2: Evaluate the possibility of different CMMC certifications within the same organization

Within the same organization, some business units may use only Federal Contract Information (FCI), while others may use Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

  • If you use only FCI, you must comply with CMMC level 1.
  • If you use CUI, you must comply with at least CMMC level 2.

By default, if one of your teams uses CUI, the organization must comply with CMMC level 2 (or 3).

It may be worth considering whether it would be more economical for your organization to obtain CMMC level 1 certification for business units using only FCI, and CMMC level 2 certification for those using CUI.

In fact, there are few controls to implement for CMMC level 1 (17 controls), unlike CMMC level 2, which has 110 security controls!

You may end up with a smaller CMMC level 2 scope, which has a direct impact on CMMC compliance and certification costs.

So you need to evaluate this option when you start your CMMC project. It could save you a lot of money.

For more information on FCI vs CUI, visit this link.

How StreamScan can help you with your CMMC compliance process

Streamscan is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and is officially authorized to assist organizations in their CMMC process.

Our cybersecurity experts are available to assist you in your CMMC compliance process.

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