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The World Of Threats


Antiviruses can’t keep up with the exponentially increasing number of new malwares, worms and viruses. In fact, they catch only around 45% of threats.


Every day more than 2 million new malwares are discovered. More than 80 % of whom are seen only once.


The cybercrime industry is growing large. Hackers work 24/7 to infiltrate your network and steal valuable information from your organisation.

How We Protect You


StreamScan team of industry leading cyber security experts performs network health assessments, stabilization and security enhancements, using the best software available.


After a network stabilization and health assessment, StreamScan activates the CDS – its best-in-breed proprietary data breach detection solution. The CDS performs 1 week of machine learning and adaptive conditioning while our team closely monitors the network using an alert and system management support approach.


The CDS delivers a 99% detection rate and StreamScan offers 24/7 support. Because the CDS is based on machine learning, detection keeps getting better over time. Discover StreamScan holistic network security management approach and protect your data!

Live Threat Information

Breakthrough Technology

The CDS is able to learn the normal behavior of your network and identify abnormalities that are a sign of an infection or malwares. The tool is constantly evolving itself through continuous learning, which allows it to detect current zero-day malwares and those of the future.

Ultimate Solution

Our CDS minimizes the security risks and their impacts through rapid detection of compromises on your network. Today security specialists consider 205 days as an average period to identify compromised systems in a network while our CDS reduces this period to minutes or hours.