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Security Tools Implementations

If you need help setting up or configuring the CDS, our team of experts is at your disposal. We also help our customers implement other security tools like Intrusion Detection / Prevention systems (IDS/IPS), Security Information and Events Managements systems (SIEM), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and much more.

Security Testing

Security testing enables our customers to identify the security vulnerabilities of their networks and to fix them. If necessary, StreamScan exploits vulnerabilities to demonstrate the risks facing our customers. We then recommend corrective or remedial measures and support in fixing the vulnerabilities.

PCI Compliance

The more a company follows industry best practices, the more it enhances the security of its IT environment and minimizes security risks. If your company has to comply with PCI DSS, our experts can help you.

Identity and Access Management

We help our customers define and set up their Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy, IAM architecture and or implementing IAM tools like:

  • Directory servers

  • Access Management tools

  • SSO or WebSSO tool

Governance and Risk Management

Good security management begins with the establishment of a formal security framework for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). StreamScan can assist you in setting up your security framework, implement best practices in information security, meet your business needs and requirements, as well as your legal, regulatory contractual obligations. With our security management advisory services, your company will make better decisions when it comes to the security of your IT environment, and thus minimizing security risks.

Examples of management framework security:

  • ISO 27 001 Certification
  • IT Security Policy

  • Vulnerability management plan

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Disaster Recovery plan

  • Security Incidents Response Plan

Threat Intelligence

A number of factors can make your business a target of cyber attacks, including your field of activity, the local or international competitive environment, your targeted markets. The mission of our Threat Intelligence Center is to help companies remain alert and vigilant at all time, and anticipate major security threats.